The Two4One Talent for Change Campaign

The ‘Two for One Talent for Change’ (also known as Two4One) Campaign is a peer-to-peer performance Arts Campaign aimed at mitigating Sexual Harassment in Universities through the collaborative efforts of both men and women.

Sexual Harassment - Me Too Movement

What is this Competition about?

The campaign taps into students’ talents as an agency for addressing a social challenge that primarily affects them. The social innovation was successfully conducted through its first year of rollout at Makerere University from September and October 2019 where over 64 entries were registered to compete in the categories of music, dance, drama, poetry and instrumentals with messages pivoted at understanding and ending sexual harassment in Universities. The 2019 activity had three stages, auditions which attracted over 500, elimination stage with over 10,000 and the Grand Finale with over 15,000 members of the university community in attendance.

Two4One Talent Campaign against Sexual Harassment
Some of the contestants from the 2019 Two4One Talent Campaign against Sexual Harassment

The Campaign initiated open discussions on sexual harassment among students, and attracted interest from other Universities around the country as an interactive and highly effective mode of transmitting the message against Sexual Harassment to the student masses and the general Community. 

Two4One Talent Campaign against Sexual Harassment 2019 Winner
The Two4One Talent Campaign against Sexual Harassment 2019 Winner, Mr. Opio (Center)

The 2020 Two4One Talent for change Campaign

The 2020 Two4One contest shall be organized in line with the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence (16 DoA) tapping into the potentials and innovativeness of the youth in Universities on prevention and response to gender-based violence and sexual harassment within universities, their resident communities, in Uganda and globally. The event will be organized in honour of the late Susan Oregede for her outstanding contribution to the work on ending violence against women and girls in Uganda. 

Read more about the late Susan Oregede and the Susan Oregede award for excellence.

The Purpose of the campaign is to fight against sexual harassment in universities through students’ agency. Specifically, this campaign;

  • Seeks to put to good use of students’ positive energies through engaging in innovative thinking on how to solve the social problems in their communities 
  • Scale up awareness creation on sexual harassment prevention and response. Knowledge is power! 
  • Tap into and strengthen students’ agency through continuous innovations on solutions to sexual harassment prevention and response.

The activities during the campaign period shall be extended beyond Makerere University to bring on board students from other universities since the problem does not only affect Makerere University alone. Coordination with other universities shall be through council of Guild Presidents. The 2020 campaign will be a music and drama competition among students from universities in Uganda on the best innovative messages and message presentations for prevention and response to sexual harassment. 

In line with the COVID – 19 guidelines and precautions, the 2020 Talent for Change Campaign Against Sexual Harassment Concert will be largely a virtual event where students from universities around the country.  The best messages will attract cash prizes as follows; 



Award (UGX)


The Winner



First runner-up



Second runner-up


In addition to the cash prize for the overall winner, the person shall be supported with an extra 5, 000,000 UGX to further develop and publish the script. 

This virtual event is going to be conducted largely on-line and will enable student contestants who want to take part in the competition to register, create profiles on the competition website and eventually upload their content. The content submitted by the contestants shall be subjected to members of the university communities and the public for rating through likes, dislikes, comments and eventual voting. A set of technical judges selected by the Makerere University gender mainstreaming Directorate shall scrutinize the candidates shortlisted for the first level of competition through the public rating. The rating shall be aligned to the content and relevance of the submissions to the theme of the contest. 

The Procedure for the Competition

Phase/Stage I

  • Contestants will submit their video clips
  • The video clips shall be submitted online through the two4one website which will be immediately received and posted in the waiting room
  • The team of judges shall look at the video clips for relevance to the competition and pass for posting on the website for public viewing and voting
  • Through public voting, 100 contestants shall be selected for further scrutiny by the team of judges
  • From the list of 100 contestants, the judges will shortlist 50 contestants who will proceed to the auditions

Phase/Stage II

The second level of auditions shall be carried out at Makerere University at the Swimming pool side. This second level audition shall be on zoom for the rest of the public with only the judges and the contestants physically meeting. For all the physical meetings for the auditions, the SOPs for the prevention of COVID – 19 shall followed and adhered to. At the auditions, a maximum of 50 persons shall be allowed to attend physically per presentation. 

Preparations for the Grand Finale – 5 Day Boot Camp

Prior to the Grand Finale, the Finalists will be invited to participate in a 5 - day intensive boot Camp. At this forum, the finalists shall undergo professional creative music training on how to effectively communicate the message on Sexual Harassment using music and drama. This training shall also equip participants with skills on effective communication, confidence building, understanding of gender considering that these students will also be ambassadors of change in their respective universities and communities. The boot Camp shall constitute a performance material that the participants may present at the Grand Finale. They will rehearse using these materials. They will also undergo further training on sexual Harassment prevention and response.  The contestants who are unable to physically interact with the trainers shall have an opportunity to be trained online. 

Grand finale.

The grand finale shall be held at Makerere University. This event shall be attended by selected students who will have participated in the contest, selected student leaders from the various universities, university staff, leadership, UN Women, representatives of the project funding partners, and the media. The event shall be live on zoom, Facebook Live: Makerere University Facebook page & GMD Facebook page. There will also be a representation of the various print and electronic media houses to ensure the wide coverage and reach of the students and other stakeholders. At this event, the finalists shall make their presentations and the five winners awarded. There shall be virtual event attendance through preregistration by students and members of the public via zoom through this website. At the event, live feed screens shall be available to bring to life the participants that will be attending virtually. In addition, NBS TV will do live events coverage. 

What next?

Get creative and come up with a concept that depicts the fight against Sexual Harassment in Universities in Uganda, create a video of not more than 5 minutes, and not more than 1080p resolution. When ready to upload, return to this website, create an account and upload.

How to Participate

  1. Register & Create a Contestant profile on this website.
  2. Create a short video along the theme: “Fighting against Sexual Harassment” Refer to the Eligibility & Participation section.
  3. Log in and Upload your video to this website, wait for it to be moderated & published.
  4. Once Published, it will be available for the public to View and Vote

Scope of the Contest

This is to inform all students that the scope for the contest has been expanded to include dance and poetry.  You can now therefore submit your videos in any of the following categories;

1. Music
2. Dance
3. Drama &
4. Poetry