Participation and Eligibility


  1. This competition is open to any on-going students' from all universities in Uganda.
  2. You must be a student of your respective university or institution and therefore have a valid student and registration number from your institution.


  1. A team of contestants can not be made up of more than 5 individuals.
  2. All videos submitted on this website will be subject to moderation before being published to the public.
  3. Videos should be in MP4 format (MOV, MKV and other formats will not be allowed)
  4. Ensure to have a video resolution of not more than 1080p and not less than 480p. (Recommended sizes/resolutions are 480p & 720p, because they produce light files which will play easily)


How to Participate

  1. Register & Create a Contestant profile on this website.
  2. Create a short video along the theme: “Fighting against Sexual Harassment” Refer to the Eligibility & Participation section.
  3. Log in and Upload your video to this website, wait for it to be moderated & published.
  4. Once Published, it will be available for the public to View and Vote